Wind turbines installed


Production hours


Kg of CO2 saved

Reliability is the key word!


At THY WindPower we know that service costs. Therefore, we have designed our small wind turbine as simple and as durable as possible. A safety factor of 3.0 ensure reliability and avoids breakdowns of our products.


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Gearbox THY WindPower
Noise THY WindPower

Listen to the Sound of Wind

Thanks to custom designed wing tipping, parallel-axled gear with slanted teeth, low rotor speed, and a very quiet generator, we managed to produce the market's quietest small wind turbines.


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Production THY WindPower

Designed for Tough Conditions

Our products are designed and engineered to withstand the hardest conditions that can be found. Strong wind and corrosion are everyday problems in our area, which makes it essential to build with quality in mind.


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Solutions for Every Need

Our small wind turbines can be used for a variety of applications: for example, they can be utilized for producing electricity or heat, to charge an electric car, to reduce or remove your electricity bill, but also for selling electricity to the grid.


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THY WindPower Applications
THY Wind Power Logging System

Track your Wind Turbine

It is always possible to check the status of your wind turbine, even if you are on holiday! Our windlogger can be accessed both from computer and smartphone, so that you are always in control of the situation.


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